We’ve had a fantastic response to our screenings of Wild Rose. Read on to see what our audiences thought of the film.

Alan Birch, Tobermory: Five Stars

I thought the film was absolutely brilliant. The acting, the story and the way it carried through the film, the sound track was excellent, I could easily sit and watch it all again.

Nickey Summer, Brodick, ‘Heart-warming with Real Life’: Five Stars

This is a fantastic film! Rose is an aspiring country singer who lives in a rough part of Glasgow and has very little to fill her life, apart from music. Having fallen foul if the law she tries to get her life back on track whilst not letting go of her big country singing dream. It’s a slice of life that many might not want to see; the reality of poverty in this country, but this makes her quest all the more raw and real. Working as a cleaner for a self-made couple, she pretends her life is different and wins the heart and backing of her female boss but not the husband. Home truths hit hard for Rose and her Mum bails her out and shows her what real family is. It’s a rollercoaster ride of a film with laughter and tears, touching and gallus at the same time. Rose’s performance is fantastic and the music is great! Julie Walters plays Rose’s Mum with a stab at a Scottish accent, and Bob Harris makes a cameo appearance as himself! This is a wee gem of a film, not to be missed!

Linda Turner, Brodick, ‘Everything Came up Roses!’: Four Stars

I had been looking forward to seeing this film since it was released and wasn’t disappointed. Jessie Buckley was terrific in the title role and captured the essence of Glasgow perfectly. Her singing voice is superb, raunchy and strong. The music was good throughout. On the downside the storyline was a bit naive, after a jail sentence for possession/ supplying drugs there is no way that Rose would’ve got an ESTA visa to allow her entry into the USA, but that’s neither here nor there in the world of film. Julie Walters was brave in tackling a Scottish accent, however her accent certainly wasn’t Glaswegian – more Janet from Dr.Finlay’s Casebook! Overall I really enjoyed the film and came out with a smile on my face and can certainly recommend it.

Patricia Heaviside, Lochcarron, ‘Feel Good Film’: Five Stars

This film was a surprise, not keen on country music so went to keep a friend company. It was so well acted especially by both the female leads who did a very convincing Glaswegian accent, at least to my untutored ears and played their roles with excellent insight. A great film of hope and ambition, a learning curve for all involved. Hard women from difficult backgrounds but there was love all the way even if they fell out. Sacrifice made all around, I came out much the better for seeing this film.

Mary McNeil, Lochgilphead, ‘Pure Country’: Five Stars

I absolutely loved Wild Rose, not only the film but the woman too. Glasgow is my home town and somehow the film captured the essence of the city as I remember it. I found the plot totally believable and uplifting and the characters struggling to live decent lives. And then there was Wild Rose daring to dream of a different way. Wild Rose is pure country.

Margaret Clark, Tarbert, Loch Fyne, ‘Excellent Film’: Five Stars

It’s one of those films where you can relate to Rose and her circumstances. The fact that she doesn’t give up her dreams is amazing, only downside to that is she only focuses on herself. When the film changes direction, it has a great twist at the end. You will probably shed a wee tear or two. The music is great and the actor fab. Thank you for an excellent film :)

Marion Logan, Brodick, ‘Brilliant’: Five Stars

I thought it was a brilliant film from start to finish. It appealed to all ages & I haven’t heard one negative comment about the film!

Sally Gray, Lochgilphead: Three Stars

Well put together but it would have been useful to have dates and places up on the screen, as it would make much more sense! The music was wonderful and movements to it was good too!

Amanda McDonald, Brodick, ‘Brilliant Film’: Five Stars

Great storyline from bad girl to responsible mother and daughter. Realising family came first and she did not need to go to America to achieve her dream. She could do it in Glasgow. Fabulous sound track, uplifting and moving.

Jerry Luty, Tarbert, Harris, ‘Good Film, Grips You’: Four Stars

“Wild Rose” – a film about a young mother from Glasgow who has a wonderful singing voice and aspires to be a country singer – country… not country and western!

A young, naive, wild, likeable single mother who has spent time in prison for past offences. Like her own mother before her, she got pregnant at a young age and has not learnt the responsibility of having a family; nor has she bonded with them, partly due to her powerful, dominant mother.

The film grabs you so you despair with her chaotic nature and the pitfalls that happen to her because of it, and is quite compelling in making you hope that she will both ‘grow up’ and succeed in her musical talent and in her development as a mother.

Joan Lamond Whitters, Castlebay, ‘Brilliant’: Five Stars

I loved this film, it made me laugh, brought a tear to my eye. I thought it was one of the best films I had see in a long time. Jessie Buckley was absolutely fantastic in this role and I have downloaded the music and also watched the film another 3 times at least. Screen Machine is just such a lifeline to the Islands and remote communities. We miss it at the moment. Please keep visiting us.

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