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Linda Devlin, Tobermory, ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’: Five Stars *****

A visually gorgeous treat. Capturing the myriad of greens and reflections of the marshes in their different times from dawn through dusk to nighttime. It was balanced with a susurrating soundscape.

The story admirably followed the tone of the book. Taking us on a journey through the life of the heroine, Catherine, narrated by her first love. Surviving tumultuous family upheavals and small-time bigotry and racism that left the young girl on her own in the marsh. Her only support and friendship given by the people of colour from the local fuel and grocer shop.

Catherine became a very talented naturalist and illustrator. Beautiful, shy, and independent, she had an unfortunate liaison with a local boy from a wealthy family who subsequently ended up dead. She was accused of his murder. Meanwhile her books were gaining acclaim. She was sensitively defended by a retired lawyer.

It was at times very moving and poignant. Taking the viewer on an emotional journey which ended with an unexpected twist that leaves one a little breathless. I can say no more, or I would give it all away. Worth the journey to see.

Diane Wilson, Tighnabruaich, ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’: Four Stars ****

Always a pleasure to have the Screen machine in the village. Thank you.

The film Where the Crawdads Sing was thought provoking and some what tragic. I hope and think progress has been made with caring for children and young adults but maybe just in this country and even now we don’t always get it right.

Interesting seeing parts of America that is little known and only really known through wildlife filming. Beautiful artwork and in many ways gentle, but with a twist at the end.

Isobel Campbell, Brodick, ‘Captivating’: Five Stars *****

This was a great film. Good acting and the marsh looked welcoming even when it wasn’t. I enjoyed it thoroughly and so did others who attended. The end was unexpected.

Alison Barr, Arran, ‘Lovely’: Four Stars ****

I was prepared to be disappointed having loved the book, but am pleased to say I wasn’t.

Beryl Macleod, Lairg, ‘Not To Be Missed’: Five Stars *****

The film held my attention from start to finish. Enjoyed the acting skills displayed, especially the ending!

Anne Rudge, Brodick, ‘Loved It, Although’: Four Stars ****

Having read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it, I was a bit apprehensive about seeing the film, you know how that seems to work! However, the story stuck to the plot pretty well. My only disappointment was that the portrayal of the characters was a bit too squeaky clean… a child living by herself in the swamplands would surely look much more raggedy. But nevertheless, a great movie.

Anna Mulholland, Lochinver, ‘Deceptively Impressive’: Five Stars *****

We had our first visit to the Screen Machine recently and were totally blown away. It was a horrible evening and we were running late but were warmly welcomed by staff and climbed the steps into what we thought was just the back of a lorry only to find a huge and very wide cinema. It was cosy with comfy seats and we completely forgot where we really were. Film was also excellent. We will definitely return as it is such a luxury to have a service like this available to us in such a small community. Well done to whoever thought up this incredible service.

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  1. I loved this film. In the book I believe it takes place in South Carolina if I remember correctly but it was actually filmed in Louisiana near New Orleans.
    The actress is actually English Daisy Egar-Jones first seen in Cold Feet as the teenage daughter and Reese Witherspoon is one of the Producers.

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