Cinemas in Scotland were permitted, by the Scottish Government, to reopen on 15th July. However, very few have chosen to do so, and several have announced that they will reopen at the end of August, or even later. This follows the pattern in England, where only a small percentage of cinemas chose to reopen when they were allowed to, on 4 July. All cinemas want to take the time to ensure that they have put in place as safe an environment as possible for their audiences, and for many, including the Screen Machine, the current 2m social distancing rule would present significant challenges. There is also the challenge of what can be screened, with studios repeatedly postponing the UK release of their big titles, such as Tenet, Mulan, and the new Bond movie. The RSS team are working hard to devise a practical way of reopening, and a workable touring schedule, and a survey of our audiences is already indicating that the Screen Machine’s return is eagerly awaited. So, please watch this space, or, if you’ve not already done so, please sign up for our e-newsletter, which currently features weekly recommendations for what to watch on the ‘small Screen Machine’, otherwise known as the TV.

And a big ‘thank you’ for all the messages of support we’ve received throughout Lockdown.

Robert Livingston

2 thoughts on “When will Screen Machine be back on tour?

  1. Ullapool has a cinema club ‘Real to Real’-Cinema in Ullapool
    The Harbour Trust enables us to use the Ferry terminal Building and bought equipment.
    The aim is to enhance the enthusiasm for films and cinema experience.
    Post Covid-19 we are exploring the possibility of Drive-in cinema.
    We are great fans of the Screen Machine.
    Maybe there is scope for mutual support?

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