Welcome to the new and improved Screen Machine website. This update has been several months in the making, with the intention stretching all the way back before the national lockdown in March 2020.

While you can see it has a new colour scheme and sleeker design, the overall layout remains similar to the previous website so it stays user-friendly and intuitive to what all of our customers were used to. You may find some bits and bobs in different places, but like before you still scroll down on the homepage to see what locations and films are currently on sale. You’ll see that we’ve introduced a dropdown menu design for each of our visits, making it easier and more intuitive for you to select the right film in the right location.

One thing that has remained unchanged is our booking system. Once you select your screening, you will go through the same steps as before. This also means that all bookings made before the update on Monday 30th August are good to go.

We’d like to extend our special thanks to Pooka & Co for all their hard work throughout this process.

We hope you enjoy our new website, and we look forward to using it to tell you about the latest films coming to your areas on Screen Machine.

The Screen Machine Team

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Website!

    1. Hi Catherine. Tickets for Millport screenings have gone on sale today. Please be aware that our box office system is struggling to keep up with the demand. But if you can’t make your booking first time, please be assured that we have 4 screenings for Millport, so there is plenty capacity.

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