Small Screen Machine

Our weekly recommendations of great films on TV

This week’s Top Pick is The Taking of Pelham One Two Three chosen by Robert, while Morvern has picked four other films you can watch this weekend.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974, 15)
Sony Movies Action, 9pm on Thursday 22 October
Forget the recent remake, this is the real deal, and one of the great New York films: sassy, gritty, wise-cracking, confrontational. The hijacking of a subway train plays out almost in real time, with ciné-vérité filming on the city streets, a powerhouse score by David Shire, career-best performances from Robert Shaw and Walter Matthau, and nail-biting tension. A huge influence on Tarantino, and with a killer final line. This classic is not to be missed.


The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015, U)
E4, 9.50am on Saturday 17 October
One of the great surrealists, SpongeBob sets out to get back the stolen secret recipe of Krabby Patties and save the town of Bikini Bottom while he’s at it.


The Shining (1980, 15)
BBC2, 9.15pm on Saturday 17 October
One of the best horror films ever made, based on the Stephen King novel and adapted by Stanley Kubrick, watch Jack Nicolson and Shelly Duvall put in some stellar performances as the Overlook Hotel starts to affect its latest inhabitants.


Comfort and Joy (1984, PG)
BBC Scotland, 9.30pm on Saturday 17 October
Up there with Bill Forsyth’s best, Comfort and Joy follows Bill Paterson’s character caught between two Italian families in Glasgow in a battle of the ice cream vans.


Ice Cold in Alex (1958, PG)
Sony Movies Action, 11.40am on Sunday 18 October
Partly WWII North African epic, partly one massive Carlsberg advert, watch John Mills as the alcoholic captain negotiate the desert and landmine fields with his rag tag companions for that titular ice-cold beer in Alexandria.



We’ll be back with more news next week. We hope that you all have a great week and stay well.