Three More Locations Now on Sale

Tickets available for Bettyhill, Lairg, and Golspie

Screen Machine just after Laide as it travelled from Gairloch to Ullapool. Photo credit: David Redshaw

Screen Machine is now in the fourth week of its tour since resuming service on May 17th. With it rolling into Lochinver today, we’ve so far visited nine locations. Thank you to everyone who has so far come along to see us in these locations. Next week we move on to Kinlochbervie and Durness.

You can now buy tickets for screenings in the following locations:

Bettyhill – 19th and 19th Jun
Lairg – 21st and 22nd June
Golspie – 23rd and 24th June

Visit the Screen Machine website to book your tickets now.

We’re continuing to add shows week-to-week. If we’ve yet to put your location on sale, you can check our Where We’ll Be page here, which now lists our planned tour up to the end of July.

If you plan to visit us, please read about our Covid measures here before you come along.

Nomadland Takes the Spoils

Shows selling out in nearly every location

Frances McDormand in Nomadland.

Whenever we plan Screen Machine’s programme, we consider all the films available so we can offer a good variety. This proved a bit challenging when we planned our resumption of service and there were fewer films to select than normal.

So we are delighted to see that Nomadland is selling out in nearly every location. Its high demand has made us increase its number of screenings in some places, only to see those also sell out, like all three in Ullapool.

Nomadland won three awards at this year’s Oscars ceremony (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress). Frances McDormand plays Fern, a woman who packs up her life to join America’s vandwellers – people who travel across the country in vans working odd jobs. Out on the road she forms new connections and, despite the near-penniless way of life, discovers unknown freedoms offering unexpected experiences and potential peace.

Click here to see where Nomadland is currently screening. We’re selling out quicker than usual due to us currently operating at lower capacity. You can also watch the trailer here.


Our new discount category

We have introduced a new ticket discount category Welcome21 for frontline and essential workers, and anyone whose circumstances have been affected by the pandemic. This will remain in place until the end of 2021. All other ticket prices remain the same.

We have no new arrivals this week, so instead we’ll spotlight some films currently available to watch, plus what we expect to add in the future.


Films you can watch now

Rams (2021, 12)
Director: Jeremy Sims
Cast: Sam Neill, Michael Caton, Miranda Richardson
Available now in Screen Machine Selects, £5.99

Remake of 2015’s Icelandic film of the same name that screened on Screen Machine. This time moved to Western Australia and starring Sam Neill and Michael Caton as the curmudgeonly brothers who are worlds apart despite living in the same valley and raising separate flocks of sheep descended from their family’s prized bloodline.

When Les’s prize ram is diagnosed with a rare and lethal illness, authorities order a purge of every sheep in the valley. While Colin attempts to stealthily outwit the powers that be, Les opts for angry defiance. Can the warring brothers set aside their differences and have a chance to reunite their family, save their herd, and bring their community back together?

There are a few pleasing nods to the original version of Rams, set in Iceland and released in 2015.

“Watching Neill coo ‘you are beautiful, no, you are beautiful’ to his flock is entertainment factor alone but this is an unexpectedly lovely little film.” Metro

Snowpiercer (2014, 15)
Director: Bong Joon-ho
Cast: Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Chris Evans, John Hurt, Kang-ho Song
Available now in Beyond Screen Machine, £3.49

Six years before he made the Oscar-winning Parasite, Bong Joon-Ho made Snowpiercer. His first film in English, it’s a hugely inventive piece of filmmaking based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, and features on all-star cast.

Chris Evans stars as Curtis Everett, one of the lower class passengers who rebels when an oppressive class system starts to emerge. Set in a future where a failed climate-change experiment has killed all life on the planet except for a lucky few who boarded the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe. Soon a class system emerges and the proles plot revenge against the elites.

“An enormously ambitious, visually stunning and richly satisfying futuristic epic from the gifted Korean genre director Bong Joon-ho.” Variety

Sisters with Transistors (2021, PG)
Director: Lisa Rovner
Cast: Laurie Anderson (Narrator)
Available now in Documentaries, £9.99

A watch for anyone interested in music or technology. This archival documentary explores the untold story of the substantial impact of electronic music’s remarkable female pioneers and composers.

Starting all the way back in 1929, Sisters with Transistors charts the groundbreaking work and innovation of the women who embraced the emerging technologies and machines of the 20th century to create music. Every development can be traced back to one of the 10 women featured in this film. Their successes proved revolutionary, and utterly transformed how we produce and listen to music today.

This film contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

“captures the thrill of discovery and innovation” Slant Magazine

Click here to see our full catalogue

Coming Soon

Future new additions

Below is a selection of films we’ve requested to host on Small Screen Machine. They should be available over the coming weeks and months, and we’ll update you when their arrival is known.

Promising Young Woman (2020, 15)
Director: Emerald Fennell
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Alison Brie, Bo Burnham, Sam Richardson
Watch the trailer here

Oscar and BAFTA-winning thriller by British actress Emerald Fennell (The Crown, Killing Eve) in her directorial debut. Carey Mulligan stars as a woman who takes vigilante action against those she deems responsible for a heinous sex crime against her best friend.

“a deathly dark satire of gender politics” The Guardian

The Father (2020, 12A)
Director: Florian Zeller
Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Mark Gatiss, Olivia Coleman, Rufus Sewell, Imogen Poots
Watch the trailer here

Oscar and BAFTA-winning drama based on the play Le Père by writer and director Florian Zeller. Anthony Hopkins stars as a man suffering from dementia who resists the attempts of his daughter, Olivia Coleman, to help him deal with it.

“Anthony Hopkins delivers a tour-de-force performance” Variety

Surge (2020, 15)
Director: Aneil Karia
Cast: Ben Whishaw, Laurence Spellman, Ellie Haddington
Watch the trailer here

Ben Whishaw stars in this tense thriller about an airport security officer who reaches breaking point and goes on a crime spree after he loses his job.

“Ben Whishaw pounds the streets in gripping psychodrama” The Guardian

My New York Year (2020, 15)
Director: Philippe Falardeau
Cast: Margaret Qualley, Sigourney Weaver, Douglas Booth
Watch the trailer here

Based on Joanna Rakoff’s memoir, a young woman aspiring to be a writer works at a literary agency in 1990s New York City, and alongside the legendary JD Salinger.

“strong turns from Qualley and Weaver” Empire

Special Offers & Extra Content

Bonus Content:
Amber and Me – Available with a Q&A with the director
Eye of the Storm – Available with audio description
Iorram – Available in Gaelic with Gaelic subtitles, plus three behind the scenes featurettes
Killing Escobar – Available with audio description

Click here to visit the Small Screen Machine Website

Small Screen Machine is available via the ScreenPlus app. You can download the app to your smartphone or tablet, and use it to watch films on your TV. For Android devices you can download it here, and for Apple devices here. It should be available to add to smart TVs in the near future. You can read our system requirements for all supported devices here.

Small Screen Machine is available anywhere in the UK. It is free to sign up (account holders must be over 18).

For more information about Small Screen Machine, read our about section here.

If you have any queries about Small Screen Machine, you can email us at Please note that this email account is only monitored during office hours.

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We’ll be back with more news next week. Until then, we hope you have a great week and stay well.

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