Ticket prices

Ticket prices for Screen Machine are as follows:

Full price: £7.50

Concessions (Seniors, Students, Young Scot cardholders and anyone receiving Income Benefit): £5.50

Child (16 and under): £5.50

Please Note

All bookings made online or by phone will incur a £1.50 booking fee per transaction. Tickets bought on the door must be cash only.

Ticket price breakdown

Out of the price you pay to get in, on average 35% goes to the distributor (this figure varies, blockbuster films command a percentage as high as 70%), 20% is paid to the government in VAT and the rest has to cover all the other costs involved in operating the Screen Machine. These are staff salaries, maintenance, insurance, fuel, subsistence and accommodation for the driver/operators, among other things.

The amount of money required to operate the Screen Machine is more than we generate from ticket sales. The budget is topped up by grants from public sources, sponsorship and occasional hire income (e.g. appearing on Monarch of the Glen). Without public funds the Screen Machine would need to charge more than double what it charges now.

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