Each year, since 2016, we’ve asked our Screen Machine audiences to help us to shape the service by completing an annual survey, and every year, we’ve had more than 1,000 completed responses.  Each survey has had a different theme, and together they’ve helped us to build up a very rich picture of the impact of the Screen Machine, of what our audiences value in the service, and of how we can improve.  The survey results have also been crucial in securing funding, both for the refit of the Screen Machine in 2017, and for our ongoing delivery of the service.

Over the last three years, we’ve been trying out a number of different ways to expand what we can offer our Screen Machine audiences, and so for this year’s survey, we’d like to take stock of these, and get a clearer picture of what’s been successful, what we could change, what should be developed, and what should, perhaps, be dropped.

Even if you haven’t personally seen any of the following presentations, we’d still welcome your thoughts about whether these are activities which we should be offering to our Screen Machine audiences.

Then, at the end, we’ve got a few questions about how you find out about what’s on at the Screen Machine, so that we can ensure that we’re using the most effective ways of keeping in touch and promoting our screenings.

So we have a few more questions, which should take only a few minutes to complete. Please reply by Monday 20 January 2020.

Please follow this link to the survey:

Screen Machine Survey 2019/20

Thank you very much.

54 thoughts on “Screen Machine survey – help us to bring you more

  1. I think this is a fantastic service and that the choice of films is excellent, appealing to all sections of viewers.
    Long may it continue.

    1. I agree with Bobby and Shirley Nield.
      I look forward to 2020’s Films when to come to Golspie and Lairg.
      Very many thanks for the service
      Season’s Greetings to you all

  2. The Screen Machine is a valuable social asset, serving the Highlands and Islands in the remotest of places. Its something we look forward to and makes for the feeling of inclusiveness in what would otherwise be a drab world. More cultural screenings of say Orchestrial, Opera and Ballet, would, in my opinion, be most beneficial given our lack of access to the venues where we could experience them.

    1. Here here. I love the screen machine. Live screening of opera and ballet from the Royal Opera House Covent Garden take place all over the world. Ditto the national theatre but we don’t get them on Mull and the Islands. Would be wonderful if you could do some.

    2. Here Here to John Bannister’s comment. Some live screenings of ballet and opera from Covent Garden and of plays from London’s National theatre would be wonderful. They go out all round the world but not on Mull.

    3. That would be good. And more matinee performances please. Especially in the winter months. Many of us have to drive 15-20 miles to visit the Screenmachine, sometimes over high and icy roads, which is not fun in the winter months.

  3. Love the screen machine. It is so handy to see an up to the minute film locally rather than having to travel 80 miles to Inverness. It is good for us whether it is in Kyleakin, Dornie or Lochcarron.

  4. Screen Machine, at our request, did try to arrange a Matinee showing on each visit, and the Matinees seemed to be well attended, but so many of our Ladies were so disappointed that they were not able to see Downton Abbey, at a Matinee Showing, on the recent visit to Fort William!!! Older Ladies do not like having to come out in the evenings, in the dark and the rain.

  5. Every time the screen machine I try to see at least two of the films. Sometimes we see films which are just released. This is great.

  6. The screen machine brings the thrill of the cinema to the most remote areas of Scotland, catering with the latest films for young and old!

  7. The emails from Screen Machine need to cover the area the customer has requested. Despite having requested to be notified of Lochgilphead screenings at least twice I have received notifications of everything but. This is a real shame. I know they are advertised in the Argyllshire Advertiser but I have to travel 9 miles to pick up a copy and don’t always manage.

  8. Since moving back home the whole family have loved the Screen Machine coming to our village ! We ve been to see moves a lot more than we ever did living away from here .
    Bringing the community together and able to enjoy a night out with family and friends !!
    Well done to all the staff and those who assist the drivers in all areas you cover. See you again for more up to date movies in 2020 !

  9. A brilliant asset for t HD d Ed smaller remote communities
    Well priced and user friendly
    Would love a greater choice of movie if that was at possible

  10. A great advantage for rural areas and deprived towns ie Fort William! Excellent choice of films and the staff are super! Comfortable and warm venue-well done!

  11. Love Screen Machine! Go to Kyleakin or Dornie almost every time it comes. Great service for those of us who don’t live near and cinema and enjoy films. Usually something I want to see. Well done!

  12. Great idea having the Screen Machine in our village. Good variety of films. I wouldn’t go to the cinema if we didn’t have rge Screen Machine.
    I sent the Screen Machine link to my friends to inform them and en courage them to go.
    Good idea to have advance booking.
    Excellent value. Great seats.
    Lovely, friendly and professional staff.

  13. So delightful living on an island & being able to have a night out at the cinema.
    So looking forward to your next visit.
    Little women,Cats & hopeful to see the final star wars.
    So looking forward to your visit.

  14. Thank you for your excellent service and great choice of films. We very much appreciate that you also show non mainstream films like Woman at War (brilliant) Moon Dogs (fabulous), the Ken Loach film etc. To all involved to make it happen and to all visitors of the Screenmachine best wishes for the festive season and a Happy New Year. Tickets for the next Brodick screenings are already booked 😉

  15. I think that the mix you provide usually has something for everyone. If I don’t fancy a film on one occasion the chances are that I do on your next visit. Keep it up! An invaluable service to remote communities.

  16. Think there is a good selection of films for both children and adults.
    Think the screen machine is a great service,

  17. We are lucky enough top live close by two of your venues so if the dates at one don’t work for us then generally we can catch up at the other one. Films available seem to suit most viewers and often require a second visit to watch another film.

    Keep up the good work.

  18. Fantastic service! A unique way to see the latest blockbuster or a little indie film. Great mix of programming and locations.

    A must for any fan of film

  19. This is the most wonderful service. We go each time the Mean Machine comes anywhere near us! We probably go to see films we would not have seen otherwise, just because we can!

  20. I will be going to two films the next time you will be here . Great that
    you get them so quickly after release – and that the loop system works well for me.

  21. I think this is a wonderful service to have a mobile cinema arrive in our village showing usually very good films. It is rare that there is nothing on the film list that we wouldn’t want to see and will continue to support it.

  22. Brilliant service for our remote areas, my kids go to see whatever film is being screened. Definately a highlight of the week when its here. Our nearest cinema is over an hours travel, so we love the screen machine.

  23. It’s great having a comfortable, cinema seat , experience in our remote location.
    There is a choice of film for all tastes. I enjoyed the Ken Loach film Sorry we missed you. More please

  24. The Screen Machine is so vital to remote areas of Scotland and especially to Island communities. Travel to visit the cinema could mean a round trip of 2 or 3 days but with the Screen Machine, the cinema comes to us! Brilliant service long may you continue to visit Westray.

  25. A great way to see a current film on the big screen. We really look forward to our visit from the screen machine wish tou came more often! An outstanding service.

  26. A wonderful service for rural communities. The choice of films is perfect along with the ramp access for less able bodied people to enter the ‘machine’.
    I look forward to its arrival every few months!

  27. A wonderful resource for Tighnabruaich and elsewhere. It’s perfect to sit inside and watch a film. It would be lovely if you could come more often. The choice of films has always been very good – something for everyone! Great work Screen Machine!!

  28. I have enjoyed everything that I’ve seen. Good selection of films, and always a very pleasant social occasion . Thank you for a wonderful service, and please keep it up.

  29. Fantastic service for remote and rural communities. A real highlight when Screen Machine visits. Normally a wide selection of films for all ages. Long may it continue.

  30. This is a great facility that must never be lost. I love the variety of film choices. Must be something for everyone. And a great way for wee wans to get to the cinema without a long trip to sneck.

  31. You all do a great job so keep up the good work and keep bringing such a wide range of film material to more remote parts of the country.

  32. I love the Screen Machine and always look out for a film to go and see. Usually Dornie or Kyleakin but have been to Lochcarron. Once took my young nieces, who were visiting – they loved it!

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