Planning Screen Machine’s safe return

Last month we launched a customer survey, to ask your views on re-starting the Screen Machine service. The survey is now closed and we have analysed your responses.

We were delighted to receive 1,309 responses – that’s 17% of our distribution list. We received responses from an even spread of all locations that we visit. All age groups contributed – from 81+ to 15 and younger. 88% told us that you would visit Screen Machine just as frequently as you did before, or even more frequently.

But quite understandably, a proportion of you have concerns about attending during the COVID-19 pandemic. You told us that you were most concerned about:

  • Being in an enclosed space.
  • Protecting you or a member of your family who is shielding.
  • The films we will screen – quite rightly, you will only attend if we are screening a film you want to see!

We were delighted that 92% of you were either very reassured or somewhat reassured by the additional actions and enhancements that we are considering, in particular:

  • Provision of hand sanitizer.
  • Seats/arm rests to be cleaned with anti-viral cleaner.
  • Appropriate social distancing.
  • … and many others.

When asked if there was anything in addition that you would like us to put in place, many respondents felt that we had covered everything. But a sizeable number (7.5% of total respondents) said they would like to see all members of the audience wear a face covering for the duration of their visit. Please be assured that we are keeping a very close eye on Scottish Government requirements for cinemas, which we will carefully adhere to.

If you would like to see the results of the survey in more detail, you can do so by following this link:

Customer Survey13.08

Unfortunately we are still not in a position to give you a date when we will be back on the road. But please continue to keep an eye out for updates from us. Nearly five months have passed since customers last saw a film on Screen Machine, and all of the team here are humbled by the interest in and enthusiasm for your cinema that you continue to show.

The Screen Machine Team

13 August 2020


  1. Firstly many thanks for showing interest in the concerns and views of folks who visit the screen machine. However, to be truthful I really can’t decided whether I would want and actually to come to the screen machine at the moment or wait until another time.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you back in Tobermory when presumably a restricted audience will be allowed or…..stay longer and have more showings!!

      1. Hand wash station on entry and assigned seats, with usher blocking out a seat between households as they enter. Obviously 2 households per row just in case anyone needs to pass their household to get out so they can do so without being near other households. Though hand washing should be enough, it’s the close proximity for extended periods if time not passing by someone that heightens contagion risk.

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