Our weekly recommendations of great films on the telly

Until we can bring Screen Machine back to you, we are going to do our bit to help you and your family enjoy great films. Starting today, each Friday for the next few months, we’re going to check through the TV schedules for the coming week and recommend films which we think you’ll enjoy. Among them will be: those gems that we’d have loved to programme in to the Screen Machine – but just didn’t have space in the schedule; films that deserve a second or third viewing; something for the young ‘uns; films that may inspire you to read the book … and more. All will be available on ‘free’ TV – nothing that requires a subscription or streaming charge. And all members of the Screen Machine team will be pitching in with their choices. We all enjoy different kinds of films, so stand by for a huge variety of recommendations. We’d love to know what you think.

Our first recommendation – and the numero uno for this first week – is one of my favourite films from 2019: Diego Maradona. We screened this only once on Screen Machine, in Tobermory where it went down really well but we just couldn’t fit it into the programme anywhere else. This is the latest of three bio-docs made by Asif Kapadia. You might have seen his previous films – Amy (about Amy Winehouse) or Senna (about Ayrton Senna). Diego Maradona isn’t just about football – though football does of course feature heavily. It’s about precocious talent, fame, the Mafia, life in Naples – and it’s about both Diego and Maradona: almost two different people, as the film reveals.

This has also been selected partly with those of you in mind who just don’t know what to do with yourself on a Saturday night without Match of the Day!

Diego Maradona (2019, 12)
Channel 4
Saturday 21 March at 9pm

Here are some great other films to look out for, all selected this week by Drew. More recommendations will be e-mailed to you on 27/03/20, selected by other members of the Screen Machine Team.

Until then, we wish you all the very best,


Oliver Twist
(1948, U)
Sunday 22nd at 6.40pm
Talking Pictures
This acclaimed adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic novel is considered one of the best British films, with a famous performance from Sir Alec Guinness as Fagan. In the eyes of some this film is seen as an improvement on the original text itself. Would you agree?

Little Women
(1994, U)
Tuesday 24th at 4.30pm
Sony Movies
The latest version of Louisa May Alcott’s novel has been one of Screen Machine’s most successful films of the past year. Whether you saw it or not, here’s a chance to see the 1994 version which received three Oscar nominations. Who do you think is the best Jo?

How to Train Your Dragon
(2010, PG)
Sunday 22nd at 7.05pm
Animated fantasy adventure about a young dragon slayer looking for acceptance amongst his tribe, only to find friendship and acceptance where he least expects. Two sequels followed this highly successful film. Which do you think is the best?

(2009, 15)
Monday 23rd at 9pm
Sony Movies
This science fiction drama was made on small budget, but drew great praise for its realistic accuracy and Sam Rockwell’s multilayered performance. Some feel it was overlooked by many of the major awards, particularly for Rockwell. What’s your view on this?

(2017, 15)
Wednesday 25th at 9pm
Film Four
Another film that was almost a possibility for the Screen Machine. Watch Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine. In a slight detour from most superhero films, Logan takes a more in-depth look at its characters, and was nominated for the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. Do you feel it is a fitting closing chapter for such an iconic character?


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