Slow West in Achiltibuie and beyond

Slow West (15) is the new western directed by John Maclean and starring Michael Fassbender. The story is partly set in Achiltibuie, and some scenes were filmed there, so where better to see Slow West than in Achiltibuie itself?

The Screen Machine will be returning to Achiltibuie for the first time in many years, at the invitation of the Summer Isles Festival,  in order to screen it at 8.30pm on Friday 17 July. We’ll be parked in the car park of the Summer Isles Hotel.

Slow West tells the story of a  Scottish teenager who leaves his home in Achiltibuie to travel across the American frontier in search of Rose, the young woman he loves. He joins forces with Silas (Michael Fassbender), a mysterious bandit who takes the boy under his wing. But there is a bounty on Rose and her father’s heads, and plenty other shady characters are after them too.

You can book tickets here, or come along to pay cash on the door – we always have atleast 9 tickets on sale on the door.

You can see other screening of Slow West:

Lochinver: 8.30pm on Saturday 18 July

Lairg: 8.30pm on Thursday 23 July

Brodick: 8.30pm on Thursday 30 July and 8.30pm on Saturday 1 August

Millport: 8.30pm on Monday 3 August

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