Scotland’s Far North: our latest photography presentation

Glyn Satterley from the series 'Caithness and Sutherland'

We are delighted to be working with Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, to bring a new photography presentation to the Screen Machine. Audiences to all screenings of Their Finest and Whisky Galore! over the coming weeks, will be able to take in Scotland’s Far North. It’s free of charge, and will be shown while you are settling into your seats, before the main feature begins.

The presentation comprises three bodies of work from the late 1970s and early 80s providing a unique insight into Scotlandʼs remote landscape, islands and people. Glyn Satterleyʼs project ʻCaithness and Sutherland’ presents a document of life in the neglected area of Caithness and Sutherland at a time when the myth was much banded about that the oil industry brought wealth and prosperity to the whole of Scotland. Chic Chalmers ʻOrkneyʼ project and Tom Kiddʼs ʻShetlandʼ both present fascinating photographic glimpses of these island archipelagoʼs at a time of change with the effects of the oil industry on the traditional life of these cultures. Candid and sympathetic, the images show that Scotlandʼs Far North managed to take its place in the modern world without losing too many of the customs and traditions which give these places their special character and ethos.

This presentation which has been produced exclusively for Screen Machine compliments a major exhibition of the three photographers work at Street Level Photoworks, which runs from 24th June to 27th August.

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