We are very sorry for the problems that many of you encountered when attempting to book tickets earlier this week. The problem is solved now, though we continue to monitor it. We think it was caused by the high numbers of attempted bookings all coming through at the same time. You will only have been charged if you received a booking code after you entered your card details.

Fiona – 07/10/21

“It’s better than good. It’s magnificent” The Times

“ticks all the boxes, but brilliantly” Empire

“What a joy and relief it is to have you back” Telegraph

“an epic barnstormer … delivering pathos, action drama, camp comedy, heartbreak, macabre horror and outrageous silly old-fashioned action” Guardian

We’ve been expecting you, Mr Bond, for a very long time and we’re delighted that our first batch of tickets are now on sale. We’ll screen No Time To Die from Friday 22 October in Tobermory, followed by Kilchoan, Lochaline, Strontian, Millport, Brodick and Jura. Then we’ll put more tickets on sale in more locations at regular intervals. We expect to screen No Time To Die in all of the locations that we visit regularly – though it will take a few months to complete a tour, through to early 2022.

Most locations will have more than one screening, and a few will have a captioned screening, to enable people with varying hearing loss to access the full cinema experience. Our marketing and publicity material will make clear which screenings are captioned.

We’re delighted that the film’s distributor, Universal, have given us permission to screen No Time To Die from 22 October. Screen Machine will be one of the first single screen cinemas in the UK to be able to screen it as part of a varied programme.

The best way to keep informed of when tickets will go on sale is to sign up to receive an e-newsletter for your location. You can do that by following this link.

10 thoughts on “No Time To Die – the reviews are in, and tickets are on sale now

  1. I would like to buy one ticket for new Bond movie in Tobermory.
    Can I reserve this and will pay now if I can.

    Yours sincerely,

    Paul Hilton.

    1. Good morning Paul. You will be able to buy tickets when they have gone on sale. For Tobermory, we expect that to be early next week. You might like to sign up to receive a Tobermory e-newsletter, and then you’ll be notified as soon as tickets have gone on sale. You can do this by following this link.
      All the best,

    1. Hi Barbara. Yes, tickets went on sale today. From our home page, scroll down to see the horizontal blue bar with Tobermory and dates. Then click on the little white downward arrow on the left to see all the screenings. But please be aware that our box office system is struggling under the demand, and your booking might not complete first time. But we have 3 screenings planned for Tobermory – so there is plenty capacity.

  2. We just get repeat messages after booking saying unable to contact payment facility. I have done this six times so far, and do know if it due to demand or not?
    It says “contact the cinema”

    1. Sorry to hear that Elma. We’ve had lots of bookings coming in from all the locations where No Time To Die is currently on sale. If your preferred screening is already sold out on-line, then please be aware that we hold back 8 tickets for every screening to sell on the door on the day – cash only for those.

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