Your Cinema, Your Review

Create word of mouth for the films you love, spark discussion of the films you don’t.

Here in the Screen Machine team we’re always happy to hear feedback on the programme, but have you ever thought of writing your own reviews of the films we screen? Your Cinema Your Review is your opportunity to share your response to the films in our programme, and to connect with audiences along our touring route.

We want to hear from you whatever your response to the film; if you loved or hated it, or could see positives and negatives; or you have a particular passion for the subject or themes. Every film invites us to step into the filmmaker’s perspective on the world through the artistry of a whole team of creatives; from the performances, the score, the cinematography, costumes, dialogue, stunts, editing and more. We want to share how you interpret film, how it makes you feel and think.

We also know that many of you hear about the films you want to see by word of mouth, but how does an audience in Tobermory tell an audience in Millport what they recommend? Your Cinema Your Review will connect you with audiences along our tour.

How does it work?

We’ll pick three films in every tour and invite you to share a review. Reviews must be a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 400 words. They should be submitted using our online form.

We will publish a review to our website, and invite responses to that review, creating a dialogue between audiences and sharing different perspectives on each film. After we have two reviews of any single film, any further reviews can be a response to those, or a new take.*

PLUS – we will also award the best review of each round with 2 tickets to a film of their choice on the Screen Machine.

So, which films are you reviewing this time?

We’re currently closed for reviews. Our most recent call was for Little Women, 1917, and Jojo Rabbit. We will announce the winner of that round in the coming months.

*All reviews will be edited prior to publication, which might include removing any language we deem to be inappropriate. The best review will be selected by a member of the Regional Screen Scotland board.


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