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Liz Howard, Lochcarron, ‘Jojo Rabbit – A Message for Today’: Five Stars

The trailer left me confused and intrigued. The film turned out to be a quirky and thought-provoking black comedy. It follows a ten year old German boy, well played by Roman Griffin Davis, and his attempt to fit in by joining the Hitler Youth. It reminded me of Mel Brook’s ‘The Producers’ in its use of satire to counter the horrors of war but it also shows the dark side of Nazism. It’s about friendship and compassion defeating hate and has a strong message for our time. A hard film to explain, so best to say – go see it for yourself.

Vanessa Lopez, Kyleakin, ‘Excellent and Unexpected!’: Five Stars

I went to watch this film with my 10 year old daughter and her friend. We all enjoyed it, there was laughter and a few tears and I thought it was a really good take on the subject, harsh at times but then again reality in those times was too.

Michelle Baron, Kyleakin, ‘Fantastic Film’: Five Stars

One of the best films I’ve seen for a while. Fantastic acting.

Trefine Maynard, Kyleakin, ‘Both Tragic and Funny’: Four Stars

Imaginative and poignant film making. Turning Adolf Hitler into a bully and yet ultimately a figure of fun is a challenging task and could easily end up as a disaster, but in this film it is beautifully judged. The world of World War 2 seen through the eyes of a German child in the months towards the end of the war. It depicts his unquestioning acceptance of the ideology being taught to him at school and then his gradual realistation of how shallow and flawed that is. Well worth making the effort to see this.

Patricia Sands, Tobermory, ‘Quirky Yet Fascinating’: Three Stars

Whilst the idea of watching a story about Hitler during the war and the connection with a young boy was somewhat weird, the film had a fascination and a humorous twist. I could easily watch it again as although unusual, it was entertaining.