The Olive TreeThis film has been classified as BBFC certificate 15


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2017 , 100 mins

Director: Icíar Bollaín
Cast: Anna Castillo, Javier Gutiérrez, Pep Ambròs


Paul Laverty (Ken Loach’s long time collaborator on e.g. I, Daniel Blake, The Angels’ Share) has written the screenplay for a moving drama set in Spain.

Manuel Cucala plays an old man in the early stages of dementia, heart-broken by his children’s decision to sell a 2,000 year old olive tree from the family land, in order to raise funds for a tourist business. His devoted granddaughter, a feisty young farmer, vows to find the tree and return it to him. She tracks the tree down to the glitzy corporate headquarters of a Dusseldorf-based energy company, who have cynically used its image on their letter-head to gain green credentials.

Environmental issues collide with family drama in this gentle and charming film.

Spanish with English subtitles.

“An earthy, quietly stirring Spanish fable that finds familial, regional and environmental grievances inseparably tangled in its branches.” Variety

“This is a small, soulful film that has two stars: the feisty Spanish actress Anna Castillo and a vast, gnarled, thousand-year-old olive tree.” The Times

“Will have you cheering.” Total Film

15: contains strong language