The Color Purple


The Color Purple tells the story of Celie Harris as she deals with discrimination, abuse, and inequality from her teenage to adult years in the American South. In her youth, Celie lives with her sister Nettie and abusive father, before being forced to wed a cruel man known as Mister. Following an altercation with Mister, Nettie flees, leaving Celie to face her hardships all on her own.

Years later, a downtrodden Celie befriends blues singer Shug Avery and the fiery, rebellious Sofia. These two captivating women inspire Celie to resist the distresses of her life. Slowly, she finds the strength to make meaningful, lasting changes, hoping for an overdue reunion with Nettie.

Produced by Quincy Jones, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah Winfrey, this adaptation of the Broadway musical version of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer-winning novel features many exuberant musical sequences. Characters sing powerful and uplifting numbers as they face off against many forms of adversity.

“bravura musical sequences and a top-notch cast ensure smiles and tears come the end credits.” Empire

“the evocative energy of this movie-musical’s three female leads is magical” The Guardian

“This is an all-singing, all-sobbing weepie with sequins, featuring comedy, uproarious choreography, and a suite of soul R&B and gospel numbers that will have you bopping along in your seat.” The Daily Telegraph

“entertaining and moving” Shadows on the Wall

12A: domestic abuse, sexual violence references, language, sex, discrimination

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