Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem


Hiding from humanity in the sewers of New York, the teenage turtles spend their time eating pizza and messing around. While their master Splinter distrusts humans, the turtles simply want to be accepted by and live alongside them. When aspiring journalist April O’Neil tells them about a criminal called Superfly, they plan to take him down, hoping it will win them public approval and acceptance. But when they discover Superfly is a mutant leading a mutant gang planning world domination, the task proves a lot harder than expected.

Vibrantly animated and featuring a who’s who of an ensemble cast, this action-adventure is a fun watch for the whole family. Full of silly gags and jokes, it explores the coming-of-age themes of family and the desire to fit in.

“Inventively animated, giddily funny, and a surprisingly authentic take on the outsider experience: it is virtually impossible not to be charmed by these reptilian bros” Empire

“An action-packed, utterly goofy nostalgia trip” Mashable

“This new animated origin story for the chelonian adventurers is unexpectedly funny, with a rather stylish crepuscular design” Guardian

“blends a hyper-aware but affectionate love of the franchise’s past with the look and lingo of the present” The Independent

PG: mild violence, language, threat, rude humour

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