Local Hero

Come celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of Scotland’s best loved films, written and directed by one of its most celebrated directors, with a strong cast and music by Mark Knopfler to transport you to a happier place.

Local Hero tells the story of a Texan oil executive, Mac, dispatched by his star-gazing boss Happer (played by Burt Lancaster) from Knox Oil and Gas to the fictional Scottish village of Ferness, where he is to woo the locals into accepting a buy off, so that the village can be developed into a refinery.

At first the locals are keen to profit from a deal with Mac. But the local beach has an inhabitant who will not sell out: Ben Knox, a beachcomber who lives in a shack, has owned the beach since the Lord of the Isles left it to his ancestors. When Happer jets in to negotiate with Ben, he finds that he has a kindred spirit and a very different kind of deal needs to be struck.

This comedy drama is packed with charm and wry humour. It features a stellar Scottish cast, with Camusdarach Sands and the Northern Lights bringing jaw-dropping beauty. A must see on the big-screen.

“It demonstrates Mr. Forsyth’s uncanny ability for making an audience sense that something magical is going on, even if that something isn’t easily explained.” New York Times

“loaded with wry, offbeat humor and is the sort of satisfying, personal picture that is becoming an increasingly rare commodity these days” Variety

12A : implied strong language, moderate sex references

Before Local Hero, we’ll be screening a 9 minute film called Shades of Oscar.

A specially created production based on a major retrospective of work by renowned Glasgow photographer Oscar Marzaroli. We first shared this with you on-line during the lockdown of 2020 and are delighted to have an opportunity to bring it to audiences on the big screen. Oscar Marzaroli is arguably Scotland’s most notable documentary photographer. His photographs and films of Glasgow from the 1950s through to the 1980s captured a period of enormous change with images of people going about their lives in the city, at work and at leisure. Shades of Oscar distills the exhibition held at Street Level Photoworks into a 9 minute presentation, with voiceover by Marzaroli’s daughter, Marie Claire Marzaroli. In her poignant narration, Marie Claire shares recollections of her father and reflects on the huge legacy that he left behind.

All seating is unreserved. If there is a particular area of the auditorium that you like to sit in, then please arrive in good time.

If you are a wheelchair user, please book directly with us by emailing info@regionalscreenscotland.org at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

Please note that we offer refunds only if we are forced to cancel a screening – perhaps due to very bad weather or a mechanical problem. If you book tickets, and then fall ill, we will not offer a refund and recommend that you pass your tickets on to friends or family.

Adults £9, Concessions £6.50

Concessions are available for: 15-and-under, 16 to 25, Students, 60 and over, Disabled and Claimants.

All under 14 year olds must be accompanied by a parent or 21+ year old guardian at screenings starting after 8:00pm.

Any remaining tickets not sold online are made available on the door 30 mins prior to performance, on a first come first served basis.

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