Judas and the Black Messiah (15)

Judas and the Black Messiah (15)

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Gripping drama based on the true story of a leader of the Black Panthers in Chicago and the FBI informant who betrayed him.

La Keith Stansfield plays Bill O’Neal – a career criminal who is arrested for theft and given a difficult choice by the FBI: a long stretch in prison or infiltrate the local chapter of the Black Panther movement, lead by the charismatic Chairman Fred Hampton (brilliantly played by Daniel Kaluuya). Accepting the latter, O’Neal soon rises within the Panthers’ ranks and sees first hand how their influence in communities is growing. Hampton, aged only 21, is winning hearts by providing free breakfasts for children and healthcare programmes for the communities. Just as his influence is growing, Hampton falls in love with another young revolutionary. Meanwhile, O’Neal must choose to join the forces for good, or do as J Edgar Hoover expects.

Set in 1969, this is a fascinating portrayal of two men who came from the same background, grew up on the same streets, but chose to do very different things with their lives.

“a hard-hitting and gripping political drama that speaks to the current moment, its urgency and importance is plain to see.” Scotsman

“Judas and the Black Messiah builds to a powerful and horrifying conclusion, with the closing captions bringing a dose of further reality and emotion to proceedings. It may well leave you reeling.” The List

“Truly gripping Black Panther drama” Observer ****

“fiercely watchable and passionately performed drama” Guardian ****

15: contains strong language, violence, racism

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