Far in the future, the most valuable substance is spice, a mineral that gives the user superhuman abilities. Spice is only available on Arrakis, an incredibly hostile desert planet and colloquially known as ‘Dune’. When Duke Leto of House Atreides is asked by the Emperor to act as fief of Arrakis to manage the spice production and keep its native Fremen at bay, he suspects all is not as it seems, but cannot turn down the opportunity. With him he takes his son Paul, who has been having visions of the future. Out on Arrakis, Paul’s encounters with the Fremen will test him to his limits and reveal the true nature of his premonitions.

Covering only the first half of Frank Herbert’s acclaimed novel, this sci-fi epic uses a booming score, ornate production design, captivating cinematography, and striking acting to send you into a sprawling and living intergalactic universe.

“Denis Villeneuve’s awe-inspiring epic is a moment of triumph” The Guardian

“an astonishing achievement” Empire

“A fresh take on a sci-fi classic” Sight & Sound

“a space opera tour de force” Forbes

12A: moderate violence, threat, bloody images

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