Black Widow (12A)

Black Widow (12A)

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The latest instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally gives one of the Avengers’ most legendary members her own individual outing.

Natasha Romanoff is on the run following the events of Captain America: Civil War when she receives a message from her sister. Both are Widows, deadly assassins trained by a mysterious and iniquitous Russian called Dreykov, who still maintains some level of control over them. Forced to confront past demons, Natasha and her sister reassemble their old Russian sleeper cell family to take down Dreykov, who is plotting his own move against them.

Full of fast and thrilling action sequences, this superhero film delves into the gritty past of one of Marvel’s greatest names, tethering her to a unique family and an inescapable past.

“takes a character without a future and gives her a past, providing one of the OG Avengers with a soulful, funny requiem.” Empire

“spins on the powers that come from within” Variety

“the highly enjoyable standalone episode for which her character Black Widow was well overdue” The Guardian

12A: contains moderate violence, injury detail

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