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Anne Pringle, Brodick, ‘Excellent Film’: Four Stars ****

This was a moving and interesting view of Berneray in the 50’s and 60’s. It was a real insight into the Island culture and the interviewees were excellent. It was great to have one of the producers there to answer questions. Well worth seeing.

Isobel MacDonald, Brodick, ‘Such a Lovely Film’: Five Stars *****

Everyone who has been born and brought up on an island will relate to this film. Knitted into the community was such a great comment to make. We can all relate to being down the pier waiting for the boat to come in and waving it goodbye when it left again. Thoroughly recommend.

Rhona Kennedy, Port Ellen, ‘So Relevant’: Four Stars ****

Thoroughly enjoyed the film with cousins from U.S.A who were visiting Islay. Loved the scenery and the characters. What has remained with us how so many of the issues raised in the film are still so relevant today regarding land reform, lack of housing, transport difficulties, opportunities for young people, and loss of the Gaelic language. It was appreciated having the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the film. Thank you.

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