Video-on-Demand service ceasing at the end of the month

From the end of November, we will no longer offer the Small Screen Machine service.

We are proud to have launched Small Screen Machine to help bring great films like Iorram to your homes when we could not visit you in person. Even though the Screen Machine is now back on the road and attracting great audiences, especially for No Time To Die, we had hoped to continue to offer our audiences a complementary range of interesting films to watch at home. Unfortunately, changing fee arrangements with the New Zealand-based video-on-demand platform which hosts the films mean that we can no longer afford to provide this service. We are very grateful to the INDY Cinema Group, who are also our partners in programming the ‘big’ Screen Machine, for giving us the opportunity to trial this service.

Small Screen Machine, of course, started life as a means of recommending our favourite films available to view on subscription-free television. So, going forward, we’ll retain the brand as an umbrella for bringing to your attention interesting films that are available on demand from Scottish-based video-on-demand sources, especially those which form part of the programmes of film festivals.

Small Screen Machine will remain active until the end of Tuesday 30th November, giving you 12 days to watch any of the films in its catalogue. It will continue to run as normal during this time, but we would like to stress that if you do decide to rent a film then you must watch it before the end of the 30th, as it won’t be available from the next day onwards.

We are also offering discounted prices on many of our films. Visit the Small Screen Machine website to learn more.

Thank you to all of our users who have watched films on Small Screen Machine these past few months. We really hope you enjoyed what was on offer, and we look forward to recommending you new and exciting content in the future.

The Screen Machine Team

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