Before our screenings of It’ll Never Work, we’ll show After It’s Gone, the latest short film produced in collaboration with Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow.

Saskia Coulson and Colin Tennant are an award-winning artist partnership that develop lens-based works to spark conversations about the past, present and future of our man-made and natural world.

After It’s Gone is an ongoing photography and film series which explores the landscape, geology, and the ecology of the Arctic, Subarctic, and Antarctic regions.

During these assignments, they were alarmed by the changes to the ecosystems right in front of their eyes over a very short time period. By documenting this rapidly changing environment, they hope to share the beauty of this fragile place and inspire all of us to work together to protect this incredible region and our planet as a whole.

Follow these links to learn more about Street Level Photoworks and Coulson & Tennant.

Image from ‘After it’s Gone’ © Coulson & Tennant, courtesy Street Level Photoworks

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