Screen Machine will be off the road from Tuesday 12 April to receive routine maintenance work in France until early May.

Since Screen Machine 2 was launched back in 2005, it has gone to France every two years to receive maintenance work from Toutenkamion, the company that played a key role in its design and construction. But due to the Covid pandemic, Screen Machine was forced to miss its scheduled visit last year, the first time it has failed to make this journey. Thanks to the hard work of Iain and David, they’ve managed to maintain the upkeep of Screen Machine during its time on and off the road the past two years, sometimes working very late to solve unexpected problems.

As valuable as these efforts have been, a visit to Toutenkamion is still vital to Screen Machine’s health. Screen Machine will make this long overdue trip to France on April 12, where it will stay until the beginning of May, before resuming its tour.

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